Heaven Sent / Hell Bent - Our most popular tattoo inspired collection

A bit about our latest collection of tattoo inspired graphic print t-shirts.
Location: Plymouth, Uk / Models: Edric Valhalla, Jazmine Mitchell, Jake Leonard-Williams, Rian Harford & Grace Jelley
 / Photographer: Taylor Harford

A few months ago we launched our Heaven Sent / Hell Bent collection and it's been our most popular collection yet! We wanted this collection to show comparisons between light and darkness, we also wanted to showcase the fact that our brand isn't just for guys, it's for girls too!

We went for four designs within the theme, Some more fitting to 'Heaven Sent' and some just simply 'Hell Bent' . We hope you love them as much as we do!

'Viper' - I am the Viper and you are my prey, I stun the weak without delay.

'Drifter' - He travels aimlessly from town to town with no permanent place of being.

'Reaper' - When you leave your world you enter mine, you will live eternal by your own design.

'Mandala' - The flower doesn't dream of the bee, It blossoms and the bee comes.

The first photoshoot for the collection took place in Plymouth, UK and was shot by the fantastic Taylor Harford. Here are some of our favorite images from the shoot.

Click here to visit the Heaven Sent / Hell Bent collection of tattoo inspired t-shirts
<img src="mandala.jpg" alt="mandala ladies tank top">
<img src="Reaper" alt="Reaper T-shirt front">
<img src="drifter.jpg" alt="drifter t-shirt front and back">
<img src="reaper.jpg" alt="reaper t-shirt back">
<img src="reaperback.jpg" alt="reaper t-shirt back">
<img src="mandalavest.jpg" alt="ladies mandala tank top">
<img src="reaperandviper.jpg" alt="reaper and viper t-shirt back">
<img src="reaperfront.jpg" alt="reaper t-shirt front">
<img src="viperback.jpg" alt="viper t-shirt back">
<img src="mandalafront.jpg" alt="mandala ladies tank top front">

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